On February 24th, 2017, Prof. Dr. Christof Fetzer and Dr. Thomas Knauth visited Amazon's offices in Dresden, Germany to reprise the Secure linux CONtainer Environment (SCONE) talk from last year's OSDI. Amazon's team in Dresden works hard to provide a secure hypervisor and OS platform. This forms the foundation to run Amazon Web Services (e.g., EC2) on. Naturally, the engineers are keen to learn more about how SCONE provides secure containers on top of an otherwise untrusted cloud infrastructure.

The hour-long talk with following discussion was well received. Questions revolved around how easy it is to maintain SCONE in the face of upstream changes in the used open source building blocks, general questions on SGX and what kinds of attacks are still possible.

For more info about SCONE, have a look to the paper "SCONE: Secure Linux Containers with Intel SGX"

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Action acronym: SERECA
Action full title: "Secure Enclaves for REactive Cloud Applications"
Objective: ICT-07-2014: Advanced Cloud Infrastructures and Services
Grant agreement no: 645011