The National Agency for Development of Irrigation and Latifundium Transformation in Puglia, Lucania and Irpinia (Ente per lo Sviluppo dellIrrigazione e la Trasformazione Fondiaria) was established on April 18th, 1947 by decree of the Provisional Head of State (Italy). Legal Personality of public law, the organization is in charge of water handling in an area of more than 3 million hectares, equivalent to about 10% of the total surface of the nation. Its mission is the solution of the ancient and serious problem of water supply in the areas of competence. To achieve this goal, EIPLI plans and does studies, research, strategic design, implementation, and management of projects aimed at search for, retrieval, catchment, storage, quality monitoring, and distribution of ever increasing volumes of water for multiple uses. EIPLI accumulates and distributes yearly, approximately 1 billion cubic meters of water, ensuring the supply for civilian use to a population of about 4 million people, and for irrigation of about 150.000 hectares of farmland, in Southern Italy.

Role in the project

EIPLI will participate to the project as an end-user, providing requirements for theWater Supply Network Monitoring (WSNM) case study, as well helping defining relevant metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the WSNM pilot. Thus, their major contribution will be on WP4: Evaluation. In addition, EIPLI will contribute to the requirements identification activity (as part of WP1, WP2, and WP3). Fianlly, EIPLI will also be engaged in WP5 (Dissemination, Exploitation and Collaboration) activity, particularly with respect to initiatives for dissemination of SERECA results at the local level, aiming at providing evidence – to the local community in general and to the local government in particular – of the important advantages brought about by the SERECA technology.

Relevant publications

  • Ground Penetrating Radar in Dam Monitoring: The Test Case of Acerenza. International Journal of Geophisics, Vol. 2011. Articolo ID 487679, 9 pages.

Relevant experience

  • 2006 Project Adduttore tronco di Acerenza distribuzione III lotto per la irrigazione di c.a. 5000 ettari di terreno nei territori dei Comuni di Banzi, Genzano, Palazzo S.Gervasio e Irsina. - Schema idrico Basento- Bradano - Legge 443/2001 (Legge Obiettivo) (Acerenza dispensing trunk for irrigation of 5000 hectares of farmland in the area of Banzi, Genzano, Palazzo S.Gervasio, and Irsina - act 443/2001) Amount of the project: EUR 102.700.000,00
  • 2008 Preliminary project per il completamento dello schema idrico Basento Bradano. Attrezzamento irriguo dei distretti V M C per complessivi 15.000 Ha. Schema idrico Basento- Bradano Piano Irriguo Nazionale 2010 (Completion of Irrigation Water Supply Network in the Basento-Bradano area. Irrigation Equipping of V M C districts of a total of 15.000 hectares. ) Amount of the project: EUR 373.000.000,00
  • 2013 Preliminary project per il risanamento del bacino endoreico della Piana del Dragone in agro di Volturara Irpina (AV) (Reorganization of the drains area in the Piana del Dragone region) Amount of the project: EUR 17.993.620,00
  • 2014 Executive project lavori per il completamento della galleria di derivazione delle acque del torrente Sarmento nellinvaso di Monte Cotugno (Completion of the water conveyance gallery for the Sarmento river in the Monte Cotugno basin) Amount of the project: EUR 18.993.000,00


EIPLI manages a complex Water Supply Network serving a great part of the South of Italy (see Figure 13). The managed Water Supply Network is composed of:

  • eight dams: 1 of them being a concrete dam (Pertusillo), and 7 of them earthfill (Aceranza, Genzano, Saetta, Conza della Campania, Sinni, Serra del Corvo, Ponte Fontanelle) with the Sinni dam, located in Monte Cotugno 14, being the biggest earthfill dam in Europe;
  • three weirs: one being on the Sarmento river (in the Basilicata Region), and two more placed on the Angri river;
  • about 200 km of dispensing trunks diveded in three main areas: Ionico Sinni (250 Mmc of water for civil use, 720 for irrigation and 30 Mmc for industry), Ofanto (40 Mmc of water for civil use, 230 for irrigation and 40 Mmc for industry), and Basento - Bradano - Ofanto (25 Mmc of water for civil use, 130 for irrigation and 20 Mmc for industry);
  • a control network including 5 radio link repeaters, 6 tide gauges, 10 monitory wells, 25 water quality monitory wells, 61 water level monitory wells.

Key personnel

Giuliano Cerverizzo (M)

Is EIPLIs officer since 1986 and is currently responsible for the dams on Monte Cotugno on river Sinni (the largest European clay court), Acerenza on river Bradano, and Camastra on river Basento.

Action acronym: SERECA
Action full title: "Secure Enclaves for REactive Cloud Applications"
Objective: ICT-07-2014: Advanced Cloud Infrastructures and Services
Grant agreement no: 645011