Founded in 2012, jClarity is a young start-up in the Java/JVM performance monitoring and analytics space. Its primary SaaS offering, Illuminate, is aimed at the emerging “Java/JVM in the cloud” market. Illuminate uses machine learning techniques to locally identify the root cause of a performance bottleneck, which is then reported back to a distributed dashboard service. The Illuminate service is 24/7, globally available and there is a strong requirement to hold customer data close to their users’ geographical location, in accordance with data protection laws of member nations. jClarity numbers 3 of the top 120 globally recognised Java Champions and is a significant contributor to the Java ecosystem by leading the Adopt OpenJDK and Adopt a JSR community contribution programmes to Java SE and Java EE.

Role in the project

jClarity will lead WP4 (Validation and Evaluation) where it expects to validate the three core research aims of SERECA. That is, first, JC customers expect their data to be kept cryptographically secure and private in accordance to data protection laws of their geographic location. So privacy & security are of major concern. Second, SERECA must allow for geo-local computing for the JC use case, because many JC customers need their data to be stored in their member state. Geo-locality may not impair performance, as the SaaS product offering needs to be responsive (low latency) no matter where a user is located around the globe. Third, JC will evaluate SERECA’s ability to provide high availability. JC customers need the service to be running 24/7 365 days of the year. This exceeds availability guarantees given by many cloud service providers. jClarity also expects to lend its Vert.x, SaaS, and SOA design experience to the project to help develop APIs and features that are secure and easy to use by the development community.

Relevant publications

  • Illuminate is jClarity’s flagship Performance Analysis SaaS:
  • Adopt OpenJDK is the official onboarding programme for developers and organisations to contribute to Java itself:
  • Performance Presentations are regularly added to jClarity’s Slideshare account, which hosts several talks on Performance Tuning as well as the use of the Vert.x application development environment that underlies its SaaS offering:

Relevant experience

jClarity’s engineering has strong experience in participating in international projects from open source frameworks such as Vert.x ( and Maven ( to technical communities such as Adopt OpenJDK (


jClarity hosts its SaaS offering on a wide range of IaaS cloud providers, including but not limited to Hetzner, Lindoe, and AWS. It is expected that this infrastructure will be used in WP4 to validate the outcomes of SERECA.

Key personnel

Martijn Verburg (M)

Is the CEO of jClarity. He leads the Adopt OpenJDK and Adopt a JSR programme and is an author and regular speaker/keynoter at international conferences on Java and related topics.

Dr. John Oliver (M)

Is the Chief Scientist at jClarity. John has worked on various platforms for micro-controllers, robots, simulations, desktop applications, and web services. He has previously worked on static analysis tools and is particularly interested in making time consuming tools such as JUnit more efficient. As Chief Scientist, John turns raw data into useful machine learned algorithms and he makes continuous deployment chains just work. John holds a PhD in Engineering from Warwick University for working on algorithms for coordinating mobile robotic teams.

Action acronym: SERECA
Action full title: "Secure Enclaves for REactive Cloud Applications"
Objective: ICT-07-2014: Advanced Cloud Infrastructures and Services
Grant agreement no: 645011