Epsilon s.r.l is a small ICT firm based in Italy, whose mission is to design and operate complex big data and cloud computing solutions for medium to large enterprises, and to develop web applications. It has a strong commitment to research activities and to implement cutting edge technologies. Also, it has extensive experience in participating and managing European Union and National R&D projects. EPS has tight business partnerships with prestigious players like Google and Amazon Web Services, having been the first Google Enterprise reseller for Southern Italy and one of the first AWS technology partners in Italy. It also has strong expertise in security and networking technologies, where it provides clients with consulting services and systems development.

Role in the project

EPS will develop a cloud-based application for real-time monitoring of aWater Supply Network application running in the cloud, by (i) extending its DaMon solution with the functions that are needed for monitoring the additional assets (i.e., other than dams) of a Water Supply Network and (ii) integrating the existing applications currently used by EIPLI for monitoring (small) parts of its Water Supply System. The application will be deployed, tested, validated, and evaluated on top of the SERECA framework. The focus of the experimental activities will be on security and reactivity enhancing features.

EPS will work with one of the use cases of the proposal, namely theWater Supply Network Monitoring (WSNM) pilot, with the following goals: (i) requirements specification for the design of the SERECA framework, (ii) definition of relevant metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the WSNM pilot, (iii) definition of a validation plan for the SERECA framework, with respect to the needs of the WSNM pilot. EPS will work to the requirements identification (as part of WP1, WP2, and WP3), and will play a major role in WP4, where the use case application will be developed and validated. EPS will also lead WP5 (Dissemination, Exploitation, and Collaboration).

Relevant publications

  • DaMon is an effective solution for integrated safety and security monitoring of a dam: index.php/damon.html
  • Google Apps for Work:
  • NextApps is a cloud-based framework for rapid development of Business Applications: index.php/NextApps.html
  • Cicotti, G., Coppolino L., Cristaldi R., DAntonio S., Romano L. QoS Monitoring in a Cloud Services Environment - The SRT-15 Approach. Workshop on Cloud Computing: Projects and Initiatives (CCPI). 2011.
  • Romano, L., DeMari D., Jerzak Z., Fetzer C. A Novel Approach To QoS Monitoring In The Cloud. 1st International Conference on Data Compression, Communication and Processing, 2011.

Relevant experience

Recent project participations in EU-FP7 include STREA88 to realize a streaming middleware based over complex event processing technologies able to elaborate in real time massive amount of data; MASSI89 to provide innovation techniques in order to enable the detection of upcoming security threats and trigger re-mediation actions even before the occurrence of possible security incidences; and SRT-1590 to bridge the gap between cloud infrastructures and enterprise services by building a distributed service platform. During its activities in such projects, EPS has gained competences in the fields of CEP (STREAM, SRT-15), SIEM technologies (MASSIF), cloud applications, and web services (STREAM, SRT-15). One of EPSILON’s traditional lines of business is specifically related to enterprise security monitoring. EPS has an increasing interest in cloud technology as highlighted by the fact that it was the first company in Southern Italy to become a Google Apps for Work reseller.


Epsilon will bring to the project its dam monitoring application DaMon and the instrumentation needed to build an in-lab test-bed of a SCADA system. The devices contributed to the project are:

  • A DT85g DataLogger which can be programmed for job scheduling, sampling, and control. It implements both serial and network connections toward computer equipment and provides a small amount of internal storage or external storage usage. It supports most widely deployed SCADA protocols (BACnet I/P, Modbus - ASCII, RTU, TCP, and UDP-, OPC DA, 1-wire, SNMP, SQL, HTTP, POP3, NMEA 0183, MBus, DNP3, OpenV, Syslog)
  • A WSN (Libelium Waspmote, Arduino based, with Digimesh protocol) including
    • Vibration sensors, to check structural stability
    • Tiltmeters, for entities that usually operate by tilting (e.g. gates)
    • Weather station, to monitor temperature, moisture, wind, rain level
    • solar panel charger
  • One turibidity sensor (SIM WQ 440), to measure level of sediment in the water
  • One piezometer (PTM/N series 32) to measure water levels
  • One Flow meter (Global Flow Meter FP111), to measure flow rate

Key personnel

Luigi Romano (M)

Is one of the co-founders of EPSILON. He is an expert in system security and dependability. In FP7, he has been the Technical Coordinator of the INSPIRE project, one of the Principal Investigators of both the INSPIRE INCO and the INTERSECTION project, the Technical Lead (for EPS) of the STREAM and SRT-15 project, the Technical Lead (for CINI) of the MASSIF project and the Technical Lead of the SAWSOC project. He was a member of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) expert group on Priorities of Research On Current and Emerging Network Technologies (PROCENT). He is the Chair of the Cyber Security mission of the Security Research in Italy (SERIT) technology platform

Danilo De Mari (M)

Is the head of EPSILON business development department. He holds a BSc in Economics from University of Naples, a Master degree in Internet Business from SDA Bocconi and is also qualified as Chartered Accountant. His expertise is in business modeling and early-stage financing of technology businesses. He has managed and coordinated several EU and national R&D funded projects with first-class partners. He sits in many boards of med-tech and ICT companies, is consultant to many startups and is also a director of a well-known Venture Capital firm based in Italy.

Rosario Cristaldi (M)

Is the founder, director and technical chief officer of Epsilon s.r.l. He holds a Master degree in electronics engineering and has served as external professor in Computer Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II. He is consultant for the Italian Association for Computer Machinery (AICA) and advisor for ECDL courses (European Computer Driving License).

Action acronym: SERECA
Action full title: "Secure Enclaves for REactive Cloud Applications"
Objective: ICT-07-2014: Advanced Cloud Infrastructures and Services
Grant agreement no: 645011