Cloud&Heat Technologies is a startup company focusing on environmental-friendly and cost-effective cloud computing. Cloud&Heat Technologies is developing a dark cloud server system that can be directly coupled to a heating system of a residential home or office building. With this technology Cloud&Heat Technologies aims to establish a new era of environmentally friendly computing technology with efficient heat recovery. Cloud&Heat Technologies has been one of the five finalists of the German Industry Innovation Award (“Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft”) in the category startups. The German Innovation Award is one of the oldest and most important German innovation prizes.

Role in the project

One of the main contributions of CHT will be to support the consortium in aligning the infrastructure related aspects of interconnected secure enclaves with practical and concrete technological requirements, especially performance related requirements. CHT will contribute very comprehensive technical expertise in the domain of Cloud Computing with a specific focus on high-availability, load-balancing, and security topics including implementation-level knowledge of many associated protocols in large scale infrastructures. This expertise is complemented with comprehensive experiences in the field of software automation and configuration management. CHT will help to select and to lever operating system level mechanisms for realizing and exposing secure enclaves to applications (WP1). Furthermore, it will continuously monitor the developed conceptual and architectural specification of secure enclaves and potentially align it to technological requirements. CHT will contribute to the protocol and communication mechanisms for distributed secure enclaves (WP2) by providing its in-depth knowledge of state-of-the-art distributed coordination services and high-availability approaches. Furthermore, a specific focus in this work package will be directed to deployment mechanisms for secure enclaves. In this field, CHT can support the consortium by levering its intensive software automation competence. For managing secure and reactive cloud applications (WP4), CHT will especially contribute to investigating and establishing geo-local deployment policies. It will support the design and implementation of a request routing infrastructure that will incorporate the data placement information. Besides these conceptual and technological tasks, CHT will support the validation and evaluation activities by integrating SERECA in its highly decentralized infrastructure, rendering realistic test and evaluation setups possible (WP4). To guarantee the project’s sustainability, CHT will continuously review the commercial exploitation potential of the project state (WP5). Furthermore, CHT intents to contribute to scientific publications to enrich this work especial by real-world evaluation setups.

Relevant publications

  • Anja Strunk, Marc Mosch, Stephan Gro, Yvonne Thoß, Alexander Schill. Building a Flexible Service Architecture for User Controlled Hybrid Clouds. In Seventh International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES), IEEE, 2012.
  • Gregor Scheithauer, Konrad Voigt, Veli Bicer, Matthias Heinrich, Anja Strunk, Matthias Winkler. Integrated Service Engineering Workbench: Service Engineering for Digital Ecosystems, In Proceedings of the International Conference on Management of Emergent Digital EcoSystems (MEDES), ACM, 2009.
  • Marius Feldmann, Jordan Janeiro, Tobias Nestler, Gerald H¨ubsch, Uwe Jugel, Andr´e Preußner und Alexander Schill. An Integrated Approach for Creating Service-Based Interactive Applications, In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Springer LNCS, 2009.
  • Cloud&Heat Technologies operates a highly distributed data center built by server racks used as regular heater installations. Using this unique data center solution, Cloud&Heat Technologies offers typical IaaS, PaaS and SaaS products based on an adapted version of OpenStack.
  • Cloud&Heat Technologies has successfully participated in several start-up and innovation awards including the German Industry’s Innovation Award (Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft).

Relevant experience

Cloud&Heat Technologies participates in the following EU funded FP7 projects: LEADS and ParaDIME. Cloud&Heat Technologies will bring to the project its knowledge in designing, building, and running micro-data centres and in particular, its expertise as a cloud infrastructure provider. It has designed, implemented, and operated an in-house data center coordination system.


Cloud&Heat Technologies operates a Cloud platform (OpenStack) on a highly distributed data center. The data center is spread over dozens of sites in Germany. The data centres vary from small sites covering less than twenty physical machines to sites with several hundred machines equipped with up-to-date hardware. As well as the hardware, the network infrastructure at these sites is fully operated by and under control of Cloud&Heat Technologies. The sites are redundantly connected to the Internet with up to several Gigabit up-link speed. Software installation at and monitoring of the sites is fully automated using state-of-the-art tool chains. Parts of the overall data center infrastructure will be made available within the SERECA for development and evaluation purposes. Furthermore, Cloud&Heat Technologies offers to apply individual modifications to the data center infrastructure within the scope of SERECA.

Key personnel

Dr. Jens Struckmeier (M)

Is a founder and managing director of Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH, a startup company focusing on environmental-friendly and cost-effective cloud computing. Since 2009, he has fully committed himself to the company and has energetically planned several green and low energy building projects based on the ”passive house” concept. Between 2004 and 2009, he successfully managed the company nAmbition GmbH, a nanobiology startup company focused on automated force spectroscopy instrument and software development. During the years 2001-2004, he was in charge of the force spectroscopy group at Veeco Instruments, CA, USA and has developed the successful PicoForce MultiMode atomic force microscope. After studying semiconductor and laser physics at the Universities of RWTH Aachen and Marburg, he obtained his Ph.D. in Physics in 2001, investigating the mechanoreceptor of bone cells in zero gravity and under micro-stimulation.

Dr. Marius Feldmann (M)

Has received his Diploma (2007) and his Doctor (2011) title from the Technische Universit ¨at Dresden. He has worked in several industry-related research projects including the FP7 project ServFace (2008-2010). His professional interests are focused on computer networks and distributed systems. His research interests are mainly directed to network protocols including approaches for delay-tolerant networking. He gives a lecture at the Technische Universit¨at Dresden about practical aspects of computer networks. Dr. Feldmann has a specific interest in exploitation activities of research projects. Besides being involved in startup activities himself, during the past years he has provided guidance to various startups mainly originating from an academic context. Since August 2013 he works for the Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH focusing on topics in the scope of the network infrastructure and network management including security related topics.

Dr. Anja Strunk (F)

Studied computer science at Technische Universit¨at Dresden and graduated in 2006. Her research interests are energy efficiency and quality of service of IT services and cloud services in particular. Anja Strunk received her PhD in 2010. In her PhD thesis she developed a model that is based on stochastic processes and evaluates the quality of service reliability of composite IT services.

Action acronym: SERECA
Action full title: "Secure Enclaves for REactive Cloud Applications"
Objective: ICT-07-2014: Advanced Cloud Infrastructures and Services
Grant agreement no: 645011